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Current information about Estonian economy


Most requested statistics (Statistics Estonia)

Key economic indicators (Bank of Estonia)


Concluding Statement of IMF 2014 Article IV Mission to Estonia (March 2014)

Estonian Competitiveness Report 2014 (Bank of Estonia, March 2014)

Lending Review (Bank of Estonia, February 2014)

European Economic Forecast - Estonia - GDP growth regaining momentum with recovering exports (European Commission, February 2014)

Economic growth stopped in the 4th quarter (Statistics Estonia, February 2014)

Unemployment increased slightly at the end of the year (Statistics Estonia, February 2014)

Last year Estonia´s trade decreased (Statistics Estonia, February 2014)

Estonia´s Balance of Payments for the Third Quarter of 2013 (Bank of Estonia, January 2014)

Fitch Affirms Estonia at A+, Outlook Stable (Fitch Ratings, December 2013)

Estonian Economy and Monetary Policy 2/2013 (Bank of Estonia, December 2013)

Estonia´s Balance of Payments for the Second Quarter of 2013 (Bank of Estonia, October 2013)

Doing business and investing in Estonia in 2013 (PWC, September 2013)

Summer 2013 Macroeconomic Forecast of the Ministry of Finance of Estonia (September 2013)

Moody´s: Estonia´s creditworthiness supported by fiscal and institutional strengths and resiliency through the euro area crisis (August, 2013)

Annual Report 2012 (Bank of Estonia, August 2013)

Statistical Yearbook of Estonia 2013 (Statistics Estonia, July 2013)

Estonian Stability Programme 2013 (Ministry of Finance, May 2013)

State Budget Strategy 2014-2017 (Ministry of Finance, April 2013)

Minifacts about Estonia 2013 (Statistis Estonia, April 2013)

Last year the General Government debt leaped up (Statistics Estonia, March 2013)

Ettevõtlus Eestis/Business in Estonia (Statistics Estonia, April 2012)


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